Friday, May 11, 2012

Images of Jazz Fest 2012...

Garland and PHS Mark at arrival to Jazz Fest
Little Freddie King Blues Band
Potentially charming courtyard at the French Market Inn on Decatur
Dining room at Dookey Chase
Barack Obama above the dining room entrance at Dookey Chase
Jazz players busking for tips in French Quarter on post-Fest Monday morning
You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.

Alas, Bloody Marys, but no brunch at Cafe Atchafalaya
Dancing to Asleep at the Wheel at Fais Do Do Stage on Sunday

Just a lil bit of Cafe Soule on St. Louis St.
French Market on Thursday morning
Jackson Square trombones n tuba
Dunno why I took this one.
Mark from Jersey talking to cigar
Congo Square Stage
PHS Barry w/ Lisa/Mark from Jersey
PHS Barry w/ Lisa and JK
Piano shirt guy who didn't get the memo.
Piano shirt dress lady who didn't get the memo
Ani DiFranco at Fais Do Do Stage on Thursday
Piano shirts everywhere - searching for their leader
Shout out to niece, Kay.  Google: A Curated World
Not sure who this was at Gentilly- could be Florence + the Machine (very good)
Late night stop at Vaughn's after great dinner at The Joint
The Shoe Ladies gather for the Johnny Gumbo tribute at Lucy's
Early morning walk in the French Quarter
Little Anthony interview with Derek Huston in the Grandstand
Terrie & Viper Shoe with Peter at Louisiana Music Factory
Allen Toussaint between shows chatting with fans